Phase 4: You will:
1. Assign roles to all group members.
2. Conduct Interviews. (face to face, skype, email, phone, facetime)
3. Develop a slogan for your challenge.
4. Create a poster - digital & graphic.
5. Synthesize all work products.

Who is going to fulfill each role?

Project Manager(s): This person manages the overall process, including meeting project deadlines, team productivity, team morale, and so on.

Documentarian: This person documents the entire CBL process. You will take pictures and videos of your group, and turn these over to the movie maker for the final 3 minute video. For interviews you will document the questions and answers.

Movie Maker: This person is responsible for the production of the 3 minute imovie final video for the group.

Spokesperson: This person is your front man or woman. Think of Ryan Seacrest of American Idol. You are the presenter for your group on the final day.

Graphic Designer: This person will create the digital and graphic (in print) posters for your team.

Researcher: This person will be the researcher for the team. If anything needs further research this person does this for the team.